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SenSys design, supply and support 'ready-to-go' systems for sensor networks, Machine-to-Machine communication and process control. We offer expert advice on measuring and sensing, data logging and storage, real-time data communications and analytics, and process control. Our strengths are based in almost 40 years of practical experience with the complexities of electronic technology.

Our company is innovatively utilising new communications and control technologies to provide powerful breakthroughs with wireless sensor networks and on-line, real-time analysis and reporting. 

We design, manufacture and supply our own products and also distribute and support world-leading products (Gill, LI-COR,Ocean Optics, Vaisala, Walz) for primary industries, environmental sciences and industry in Australasia. We support all our products and those we distribute.

Our technical expertise is available for design, installation and maintenance of sensor network systems. We look forward to hearing about your measuring and sensing, data processing and process control needs.   

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SenSys sensorsSensors

Industrial applications

Process control, automation and integration of equipment, data logging and data acquisition, real-time data analytics for:

Dairy – animal health and productivity monitoring, soil husbandry management tools for everything from the water source to the plant roots (irrigation and effluent management, soil temperature and moisture, flow meter reporting, weather stations).

Viticulture – irrigation management with wireless access to any sensors.

Manufacturing, food and beverage industry – bespoke solutions for gas emission management,  temperature monitoring, controlled atmosphere, supervisory systems, machinery operation monitoring, energy efficiency.

Environmental research

SenSys provide modern systems that manage anything, anywhere, any time.  We specialise in sensing and measuring instrumentation, data logging and wireless data collection, analysis and transfer of data, and power supplies for a wide range of applications e.g. weather stations, gas flux (CO2, H20, CH4, O2) photosynthesis, leaf area, soil COflux, growth chambers, water quality, tree growth response, underwater and solar radiation.

SenSys provide end-to-end solutions that connect equipment and mobile assets to owners and managers, 24/7. Solutions may be tailored to meet specific business operational requirements.


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