About Us

With our roots in electronics design and manufacture since the 1970s, our family-owned New Zealand company draws on decades of experience combined with modern low-power, long-range RF technology expertise. We specialise in designing LoRaWAN-enabled devices to produce Internet-based, wireless information systems for wide-ranging applications with global markets.

SenSys brings together a highly experienced team to architect and distribute world-class sensing and control solutions. Our diverse team includes software, hardware, and mechanical engineers, as well as testers, sales and marketing, manufacturing, and business people. Together we bring real and useful day-to-day decision-making tools to farmers, managers, caregivers, and asset-owners.

We believe in empowering decision-making.

• Farmers making informed decisions about water and fertiliser use.
• Parents understanding that their children are safe and where they're meant to be.
• Caregivers knowing the location of ones they care for.
• Managers alerted the moment a lone worker needs help.
• Businesses understanding exactly when to deliver supplies without being asked.
• Researchers achieving reliable and accurate data.

We continue to lead innovation, producing systems that are superior in their technology, yet are ultimately simple for the user and improve their lives.

We are growing and adding to our teams in New Zealand and globally.

SenSys is a LoRa Alliance™ member.

Our Customers

At SenSys, we keep the user in mind through every step of the development process. That’s why our mission of superior technology, ultimate simplicity works for the largest of businesses all the way through to private households. Our solutions use innovative technology that enhances day to day operations across many industries.

We enable informed decision making by providing rich data from wireless sensing devices through beautifully designed dashboards, mobile apps or notifications. Our devices’ low-powered long-range communication capabilities and low overhead allow our solution benefits to extend to areas that have been previously left out due to connectivity and price.

Our Partners

When it comes to delivering superior technology with ultimate simplicity, we partner with the best in the business to ensure the most of your technology experience. Our partnerships are crucial to empowering decision makers around the world.

We work closely with world class companies in electronic components, connectivity management, and internet of things technology that enables us to deliver valuable information, where and when it is needed.

Have an idea that you would like to explore?

We work with individuals and companies wanting to innovate their ideas. Some of these turn into product offerings to other industries. Perhaps you are keen on SenSys as a development partner – assisting you to develop an idea for markets to which you want to distribute. Yes, we can help.