Bottled Gas Logistics

The SenSys WeighScale (also known as SenSys GasScale) delivers a superior experience to homes and businesses through monitoring the bottled gas levels.

Designed with gas utilities in mind, suppliers can offer customers the knowledge of how much gas remains in the cylinders, while also knowing when to deliver the next cylinder to ensure continuous supply.

Customers can get detailed daily usage reports or alerts when bottled gas cylinders are low.

Simplify utility management with the WeighScale.

Genesis Energy Bottled Gas Monitoring by SenSys NZ

SenSys GasScale commercial testimonial

“With this technology, we’re able to give customers something they haven’t had before, timely updates on their bottled gas usage”

Cameron Jardine – Genesis Energy, General Manager – LPG Operations

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How the SenSys WeighScale works
WeighScale (also known as GasScale) is an innovative IoT sensing device installed underneath LPG cylinders. The WeighScale automatically sends an accurate reading of how much gas is remaining in the cylinder.

Easy to view
All the data is accessible for gas utilities and optionally to their customers through a mobile application. Mobile applications provide easy to understand visuals and graphs about how much gas is remaining so customers never need to guess the gas level.

Satisfied customers
Never let a shower go cold or the cooking stop again – SenSys Bottled Gas Logistics technology via its New Zealand distributor, Genesis Energy, is currently helping hundreds of households around New Zealand keep their gas going.

SenSys Bottled Gas Logistics

At SenSys, we strive to provide you with a superior energy experience through monitoring the level of gas in your LPG cylinders.

For energy providers, SenSys Bottled Gas Logistics customers receive timely and accurate updates on their usage and remaining fuel levels and the energy provider receives reliable support from SenSys at every step.

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