Worksite safety

Caring for people and managing hazards on any site can be difficult and time-consuming.

GateKeeper automates safety compliance and site/time attendance.

GateKeeper is an information system that combines time & attendance recording, induction and hazard engagement, and location information.

It is suitable for managing safety at all manner of workplaces - construction sites, ports, factories, farms and in commercial buildings.

Be safe on site
Safety and hazard awareness is everyone’s responsibility. With the GateKeeper mobile App and dashboard a Manager or Contractor can easily comply with safety management. View, report, update induction and hazards, and notify relevant parties automatically - on any site, even remote ones.

Streamline time and attendance on site
With GateKeeper, contractors are automatically signed in once they arrive and signed out once they leave - without their input. Management can see who is on site and for how long. No more reliance on paperwork or memories, or even remembering to swipe in. The 'Presence Zone' hardware and App does all the work.

Manage efficiently
With auto-generated reports, proof of who was on site is permanently recorded online, creating a valuable information set for billing that saves administration time.

SenSys GateKeeper, How It Works

Time & attendance

GateKeeper uses either an on-person sensor or an App that talks to an on-site Presence Hub. Together they deliver information about who is on site, what time they arrived, if they have completed safety induction, engaged with the hazards of the day, and what time they’ve left the site. A manual sign-in is available to cater for un-inducted visitors.

Beautifully simple.

SenSys GateKeeper, Worker

Location-based hazard engagement

As each Contractor arrives on site (and not before) they are notified of current hazards on their App. Contractors can review, and click to confirm they understand.

A Facility's Site Manager is alerted to the presence of a person who hasn’t been inducted or acknowledged the hazards.

With the GateKeeper mobile App, a Contractor or Facility/Site Manager can report and update details about hazards on the spot. Managers have the ability to confirm and release information so all Contractors on site are brought up to speed on what might affect their working conditions as a situation changes.

SenSys NZ GateKeeper

Know what's happening with the management dashboard or mobile App

The GateKeeper mobile App and dashboard provide you and your team with insights and data instantly.

The Contractor's App keeps people up-to-the-minute with induction and hazard updates.

The online portal for managers ensures everyone's location is known and induction/hazards are managed easily and effectively. A 'Presence Hub' can be allocated to a meeting point, so in an emergency the site manager knows who is present and who isn't.

GateKeeper is a team solution to improve everyone's day-to-day work.

Streamlined setup

GateKeeper is delivered with a simple to install LiNC-Station - the internet gateway which communicates data from all devices on site into your App or online dashboard. No additional networking is required, no IT-whizz needed. Get started quickly with this plug-and-play solution - no matter how large your site or operational requirements.

Facility managers who also need insights into water, power or gas usage or alerts to changes in the environment (movement, temperature, humidity, sounds, light, air quality etc) can easily use the same connectivity solution to add other SenSys systems – all SenSys solutions play nicely with each other.

SenSys GateKeeper Features

Intuitive user experience
The GateKeeper mobile Apps and dashboard are beautifully designed and easy to navigate. Learn more about our iOS Apps at:
SenSys GateKeeper Contractor App
SenSys GateKeeper Manager App

Instant hazard updates
GateKeeper enables everyone to view and report hazards - only when on site. Submit any changes to hazards including solutions or further complications.

Automated site entrance and exit logs
GateKeeper automates the time recording on a work site by updating the date, time, and individual once anyone enters or exits. Easily access auto-generated time sheets.

LoRaWAN compliant
Our LiNC-Stations are fully compliant with NZ standards approved by the LoRa Alliance.

Detailed reports
GateKeeper creates automated reports and maintains detailed records that can be broken down daily, weekly, and monthly.

Site induction
Once on site, contractors are prompted to review key information like emergency procedures, hazards and specific risks, site-specific rules and more. Management will be alerted if a Contractor is not properly inducted.

Real-time notifications and alerts
Keep contractors informed with real-time notifications and alerts. Management can instantly update Contractors through the mobile App. Contractors are able to view their required tasks, updates on existing projects, new hazards, and more.

Secure and high-availability
All the reports are backed up through the SenSys cloud, so you never have to worry about losing your data. Access permanently-stored records with username/password.

Lone-worker call button
Each DOT-card (sensor tag) has a call button - perfect for lone workers, and especially those working outside cell coverage. Their location is immediately identified and sent to a management roster as an alert.

App-based or hardware-based
There is a choice of approach - either phone-based or sensor tag-based, which is ideal where phones are not allowed.

Suitable for commercial and residential buildings, remote farms, construction sites, ports, factories.

SenSys GateKeeper, How It Works

How It Works

Each Contractor has the App on their phone and optionally carries a DOT-card that works in multiple locations. (DOT = Data On Time). DOT-cards may also be attached to equipment so it may be easily located.

Presence Hubs, the unit that looks for DOT-cards and SmartPhones, register presence automatically. Presence Hubs are installed at entry/exit points, and at various points on the site.

A LiNC-Station conveys the information to and from the Presence Hubs and the internet.

GateKeeper for Contractors – view is on a mobile App.

GateKeeper for Managers – view is on a mobile App or a browser dashboard that provides management functions.

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