LI-COR® Eddy Covariance Products

LI-COR® eddy covariance systems can be customised from the most basic single-analyzer setup to advanced systems that measure methane flux along with biological and meteorological variables.

For measurements of gas exchange between terrain and the atmosphere.

LICOR SenSys Weather Station

Gas Analysis Products

The LI-7500DS is designed for high-speed CO2 and water vapor measurements in ambient air. Lower power and maintenance requirements make it ideal for field deployments.

The LI-7200RS Enclosed CO2/H2O Gas Analyzer is designed for high-speed CO2 and water vapor gas exchange measurements. It combines the performance of a closed path analyzer with the ruggedness and low power demands of an open path instrument.

The LI-7700 is designed specifically for eddy covariance flux measurements to evaluate methane emissions from the terrestrial landscape. It provides low-maintenance long-term operation in demanding field deployments.

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Eddy Technology by LI-COR

Eddy Covariance Software

EddyPro® Software is a powerful application for processing eddy covariance data. Running on a microcomputer inside the SmartFlux® module, EddyPro provides fully processed flux results in real time using raw data from a LI-COR® gas analyzer and a sonic anemometer.

With FluxSuite® Software, you can view real-time final fluxes—processed by EddyPro Software on the SmartFlux System—on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Complete your analysis with the post-processing software Tovi™.

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LI-COR NZ Data Acquisition Module

Biomet Sensors

The Data Acquisition Module collects biomet data and provides the data to the SmartFlux® System. These data sets are time-synchronized with the eddy covariance data sets and can be used in flux calculations.

The Data Retention Module will continue to log biomet data if the primary power supply goes out, while prioritizing which components are powered, such as the sonic anemometer, SmartFlux System, or other sensors. This gives you the flexibility to prolong the battery life during an outage.

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