LI-COR® Leaf Area Measurements

LI-COR® leaf area meters offer you choices for fast, non-destructive leaf area measurements (LI-3000C), rapid measurements of large amounts of detached leaves (LI-3100C), or labor-saving, direct measurements of Leaf Area Index (LAI-2200C).

LICOR Leaf Area Meter SenSys NZ

LAI-2200C Plant Canopy Analyzer

The LAI‑2200C Plant Canopy Analyzer uses a non-destructive method to easily and accurately measure Leaf Area Index (LAI). It consistently outperforms other methods such as Ceptometry and Hemispherical Photography in terms of flexibility, advanced features, accuracy, and ease of use.

The LAI-2200C is accurate in most daylight conditions, unlike other methods which require specific sun angles or cloud cover.

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LI-COR leaf Area meter scanner

LI-3100C Area Meter

Precise, rapid measurements of large or small leaves, the LI-3100C Area Meter is designed for efficient, exacting measurements of both large and small objects.

User-selectable area resolution of either 1 mm2 or 0.1 mm2 is available without having to change optics. This versatility provides the flexibility necessary for diverse project requirements.

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LI-COR, Leaf Area, Portable Area Meter, NZ

LI-3000C Portable Leaf Area Meter

The LI-3000C is a portable instrument for non-destructive leaf area measurements. It measures the area, length, average width, and maximum width of each leaf.

Measurements are displayed on the digital readout as data are taken and recorded in the on-board memory for subsequent analysis. The LI-3000C is ideal for rapid field surveys of attached leaves at a single point in time, or throughout their life cycles.

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Licor LI-COR Leaf Area Meter from SenSys NZ

LI‑3050C Transparent Belt Conveyor Accessory

The LI‑3000C scanning head slides into the LI‑3050C Transparent Belt Conveyer Accessory assembly such that the upper and lower belts pass through the scanning head. In this mode the conveyer belt moves at a constant speed to provide the encoded length information to the LI‑3000C.

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