Property Services

Increase efficiencies, manage maintenance, improve building ratings and reduce operating costs with the BenchMarker suite of products.

BenchMarker - building management solutions for property and site managers.

BenchMarker provides simplified smart building solutions using wireless sensing products to

  • track building systems
  • maximise efficiency
  • manage and predict asset maintenance
  • improve building ratings
  • maintain a comfortable and productive work environment.

BenchMarker transforms the way property managers receive valuable information about their buildings.

From wireless to sensor to the dashboard view, the BenchMarker system enables information to flow with ease.

SenSys MeterReader connected to a flowmeter for BMS

Easy retro-fit

Small, wireless, easy-to-fit sensors. Installation is simple, deployment uncomplicated, no special technical experience required. It immediately enables accurate revenue billing.

Shown here, a 'MeterReader' sensor is cable tied to the pipe beside the flowmeter, a pickup is inserted into the pulse counter on the flowmeter, and data simply flows to the online dashboard with alerts to leaks and unusual events. MeterReader works anywhere - in buildings, in rural locations, even below ground. Guaranteed to not miss a count!

SenSys BMS dashboard

Real-time measurements

Information flows in real-time to a dashboard or App where managers may receive alerts to issues.

SenSys real-time measurements

Building performance

Analysed information and alerts about air quality, HVAC status and energy costs, occupancy, temperature and humidity, light levels, automatic door performance, and water usage.

Wireless sensors for measuring...

Air quality

HVAC status

Energy usage


Person count

Temperature and humidity

Light levels

Automatic door performance

Water usage and leaks

The SenSys products provide valuable results to property and site managers:

  • predictive maintenance through diagnostics, enhancing asset life
  • improved operating costs
  • reduction of energy use
  • accurate water and power invoicing information where multiple tenants
  • understanding performance indices of one or a range of properties, with insights for improvement through integrated information collection and analysis
  • real-time climate information of air quality, HVAC status and energy costs, occupancy, temperature and relative humidity, and light levels. Control precision and operating costs are improved
  • Health & Safety compliance and promotion for staff and contractors, time on site records for payroll and invoicing, efficient staff/contractor management through location knowledge (without dependence on cellular/GPS) Please see our GateKeeper product.

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SenSys empowers managers to make good decisions by delivering enhanced information, exactly when it's needed. We work with our customers to increase your access to critical information.