Smart Facilities

Real-time maintenance information for the built environment

BenchMarker is a world-first system for administering assets and obtaining their live service information.

Building service teams that monitor operations, carry out preventative and planned maintenance, and provide field service are empowered with current and relevant information on easy-to-use dashboards and Apps with reports - driven by live data from many types of equipment. BenchMarker saves on maintenance cost from the moment it's installed and mitigates administration costs.

Equipment, assets and machinery can 'talk' directly to service contractors about their need for maintenance. Contractors and Managers can drill into the detail of the asset's performance from anywhere and enjoy remote control. A dynamic performance rating lets you know how well things and spaces are performing.

Real-time insights for building management to...

Improve planning

Improve maintenance planning through alerts to upcoming issues

Optimise work spaces

Increase comfort and productivity

Increase efficiency

Operations are driven by real live data

Utilisation information

Information about office climate quality, desk occupancy, lifts and auto-doors performance, energy and water use. Revenue-grade billing information is automatically available, moment by moment, from high-precision measurements of water, power, gas.

Easy deployment

Deployment is easy and wireless. Sensors communicate from deep within buildings. Information flows independently of a facility's existing network connections, and can also gather information from networks.

Alerts at a glance

A unified view of notifications from live, sensed and derived information, with quick access to drill down to the detail - all online. Alerts feed quickly and easily into existing workflow systems.


BenchMarker Dashboard and Phone App

Easy to use dashboard for asset managers with rosters for alerts. The dashboard expands to reveal increasing detail about issues needing attention, from groups of buildings in an area down to the moment-by-moment analytics from live sensor-driven data within each building.

BenchMarker delivers:

Operational savings

- Improved asset life through visibility into operational status

- Continuous commissioning of heating, cooling and lighting

- Alerts to unusual water and energy usage

- Time savings from precise location of assets and equipment indoors

Improved maintenance

- Maintenance moves from reactive to proactive

- Maintenance resources can be applied more intelligently

- Improved comfort and productivity of the workspace

Improved comfort and productivity of the workspace

- Climate control related to occupancy

Improved building ratings

- Increased building ratings (NABERSNZ) through known energy ratings and automated repeat audits


for improved asset life of automatic doors, HVACs, lifts, dishwashers, coffee machines, chillers and all manner of machinery.

Automatic doors

The life of an automatic door may be extended with the SenSys 'DoorInformer'.

The service provider and/or facility manager is alerted to changes in performance, enabling preventative maintenance based on usage and operation, not solely on time period.

Useful information is available such as numbers of people coming and going, usage, fault codes.

Doors can automatically switch to winter opening based on weather conditions.

Remote maintenance and configuration saves time and costly visits.

BenchMarker ...

for comfortable and productive work spaces

Climate control

The unevenness of temperature control can cause fuss and loss of concentration. Keeping the climate comfortable means more productive work and more satisfied users of spaces.

BenchMarker combines occupancy information with climate control to minimise power usage. If AC units are left on (or some other appliance) and are outside usual usage patterns, BenchMarker alerts the manager and provides a remote 'Switch off' function and a return to original commissioning settings.

HVAC settings may be adjusted online.

Climate control quality is monitored independently of the BMS.

A unified view across all facilities enables management improvements.


for efficient energy management

Energy management

PowerReader provides data about energy usage on a real-time and occupancy basis.

- Obtain revenue-grade billing information from sub-meters so tenants may be accurately invoiced.

- Isolate circuits based on lack of presence or other sensing in the environment.

- Receive alerts to unusual power usage or power quality.


for alerts to unusual usage, leak detection, and revenue-grade metering information

Water usage management

MeterReader provides precision, high-frequency data in real-time from water flowmeters, providing revenue-grade billing information.

Time-of-day-based notifications are provided in case of unusual usage.

Water leaks and wastage are easily detected.

SAVE on water rates.


for locating items

Precision location of equipment

No more wasted time hunting for things!

Know precisely in a building where equipment and assets are located or stored with a quick check online or on your phone App.

Ideal for hospitals, retirement villages, retail facilities, factories, commercial property, and if you spend time hunting for keys, this is the perfect solution!

'Lock down' an item electronically so if it moves, you're first to know about it.

And better still - you'll know where it went.

End-to-end information flows

BenchMarker transforms the way property managers receive valuable information about their buildings and the people using them. From wireless sensor to the dashboard view, the SenSys SmartFacilities system 'BenchMarker' enables information to flow with ease.

Installation is simple, no special technical experience required.

Real-time data

As a facility or property manager you want to know ahead of a problem or maintenance issue, not after the fact. Proactive maintenance is generally at least 5x less costly than reactive maintenance. With real-time data about operations and notifications of differences, you are ahead of the game, not behind it.

Easy to retro-fit

SenSys systems are ideal for either the new or existing building. The sensors are wireless and low-powered (by battery) so they can be installed anywhere. They communicate over long distances and from deep within buildings using LoRaWAN. The systems are independent of your existing network, so implementation is free of hassles with existing IT. The system includes LoRaWAN coverage.

Persistent, secure storage

Information is available for reports, audits and management analysis from your online account. Storage is persistent, secure and available to authenticated users. Data flows are multiple-encrypted. Exception reports and notifications are delivered according to user settings.

BenchMarker wireless sensors for measuring...

Air quality - temperature, relative humidity, CO2

HVAC/AC settings and status

Energy usage - gas and electricity

Occupancy - room and desk

Light levels

Automatic door performance

Water usage and leaks

Machinery temperature and movement

All SenSys systems are designed and made in New Zealand.

BenchMarker provides valuable results to facility managers:

  • begin the predictive maintenance journey with live information, diagnostics, and Artificial Intelligence
  • reduced operating costs
  • enhanced asset life
  • reduction of energy use
  • accurate water and power invoicing information for multiple tenants
  • understanding performance indices of one or a range of properties, with insights for improvement through integrated information collection and analysis

BenchMarker has a cousin - GateKeeper

GateKeeper enables a combination and automation of:

Health & Safety compliance

Time & attendance recording for staff and contractors

Precision location on site (without dependence on cellular/GPS)

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