Water Management

Effectively manage your water across multiple industries with WaterSuite.

Our solutions use high-quality wireless devices that collect and deliver rich data to enable informed decision making.

Day-to-day decisions managing and conserving water becomes easier with insight for farmers, facility managers and homeowners alike.


Leading the way forward – making data collection economic

SenSys has been creating agriculture solutions for years. We developed a soil moisture measurement technique in the mid-1980s that has been utilised commercially in media bags throughout the glasshouse horticulture industry.

We've grown to include sensing devices that encompass all the aspects relating to soil moisture and temperature, water storage, water use, and nutrient measurements.

Technology and cost-effectiveness have contributed greatly to our design thinking – we wanted a solution where it was truly economical to deploy many devices collecting rich environmental data. So, in 2015 we added LPWA with LoRaWAN.


Make the most of resources

No matter what’s being farmed: dairy, arable, viticulture, orchards or running stock – having more knowledge enables for better decisions and making the most of resources.

Let SenSys help you answer questions that can make a huge difference to profitability.

Installing WaterMon, MeterReader and/or S3P on your property is just the tip of the iceberg. These devices, when connected in the same system as switch controllers can be utilised to transform management and operations tasks.

Our solutions use the data to review the past and predict the future, so it’s easier to make the right decision.


Water management isn't just for farms

Cities, building managers and homeowners all have information requirements. If they knew what their day-to-day or hour-by-hour usages were,, they could then manage their resource responsibilities better.

Water is here for everyone, we need to utilise it wisely.

Our cost-effective solutions enable bulk data collection from hundreds of remote sensing devices (or from just one, depending on your requirements). The data is visually displayed providing useful information relative to your information needs.

What does SenSys WaterSuite have to offer?

Reduce operational costs
WaterSuite provides automated detailed reports and analysis with low overhead. Focus on other important tasks and issues with an increased understanding of your water supply.

Easy to view data
All your data is accessible through an intuitive mobile application or dashboard that provides easy to understand visuals and graphs for effective water management.

Simple installation
All of our WaterSuite solutions work right out of the box. These simple-to-install devices have long-life batteries of 5+ years and don’t require any additional network. Getting started is easy.

Depending on your location a LiNC-Station may be required to boost device connectivity.

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