Day-to-day decisions about managing and conserving water resources become easier with the SenSys water suite. Farmers and facility managers can now install wireless, remotely-configured, low-power, long-range LoRa® devices to view and compare their resource usage.

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What does SenSys WaterSuite have to offer?

Reduce operational costs
WaterSuite provides automated detailed reports and analysis with low overhead.

Easy to view data
All your data is accessible through the SenSys mobile application or dashboard that provides easy to understand visuals and graphs for effective water management.

Simple installation
All of our WaterSuite IoT solutions work right out of the box and take moments to install. They have long-life batteries of 5+ years and don’t require any additional network. Getting started is easy.

Depending on your location a LiNC-Station may be required to boost device connectivity. Anyone can install their own plug-and-play LiNC-Station.

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