S3P Soil Probe

The S3P Soil Probe provides effective water conservation and management data by measuring and reporting soil moisture and temperatures and comparing these to other periods. View analytical information on our mobile application or dashboard and allow the data to help you make an informed crop, effluent and irrigation decisions.

Day-to-day decisions on the farm become easier with the SenSys suite of precision agriculture products.

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Versatile water management

One distinctive difference with the wireless S3P is that it provides a versatile range of water management data including multi-depth sensing. It measures soil moisture and temperature at 100mm intervals vertically and provides insight into water and nutrient transport through the soil.

The collected data informs how your land is managing water application through drainage, saturation, and leaching rates as well as plant uptake and evaporation.

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Managing irrigation

We've developed the S3P to guide farmers to get the most from their fields by ensuring there is a suitable moisture content and therefore nutrients available at the root zone.

The root zone differs from crop to crop and so our interfaces enable you to easily edit and define where the root zone is for your current crop or pasture. The suggested values for moisture application change to take your new root zone details into consideration.

The S3P measurements and the dashboard display of changes in your sub-soils will enable you to properly irrigate – without under-doing or over-doing irrigation.

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Maximising nutrients & fertilisers

Many farmers need to apply expensive additional nutrients and fertilisers to their soil. With S3P you can avoid leaching through the soil, keeping the nutrients where they need to be.

The S3P uses historical data collected from a site to forecast future trends in nutrient uptake, based on the conditions of the soil moisture and temperatures of the day.

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Agriculture, forestry & research

The S3P has been designed and developed to supply advisable information for all types of farming, forestry and data research.

Whether you manage dairy, arable, viticulture, pipfruit, forestry or research trials – the S3P is your guide to refined, current information about your soil, vertically at 100mm steps, up to depths of 2m.

Are you ready for new compliance rules?

S3P will assist in meeting compliance through automated measurements and reports stored securely and permanently in a personal cloud account. Access your information at any time.


Now you can be your own soils expert, affordably with the SenSys S3P - a LoRa™-enabled soil moisture and temperature probe.

Sending data rurally to a regional LoRa™ gateway, the S3P has your soil information securely available online, from sensors anywhere on the farm.

S3P is affordable, so you can have many of them spread across different soil aspects. There are no wires, no SIM cards, no solar panels and no complex boxes on poles.

Wireless, low-powered and long-range, the S3P soil probe provides an accurate sub-surface measurement of soil moisture and temperature from multiple depths at 100mm intervals, up to 2m.

Great details
Access soil temperature and moisture information using the mobile app on your own secure cloud account where it is stored permanently.

No-fuss installation! Simply choose the soil type and aspect you wish to monitor, drill a 32mm hole, insert the S3P – and that's it. No additional equipment needed on site.

Data in your pocket
The S3P will help you reduce compliance as you'll have current and past information at your fingertips. With live integrated data across measurement sources and moment by moment onboard analysis, the S3P provides decision making to your pocket!

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Soil husbandry

Soil moisture and temperature changes inform users in their decisions about crop management - planting, fertilising, irrigation and effluent spreading - contributing to improved crop quality and productivity.

Until now, obtaining soil moisture and temperature has been complex and expensive, frequently requiring third party involvement.

The new LoRa-enabled S3P has changed the game. High accuracy, low cost, low power, long range, and easy self-install, the S3P keeps you informed daily.

Intuitive user experience
The S3P mobile application and dashboard are beautifully designed with informative decision making details – including selectable scenarios to guide your experience.

Long lasting battery
The S3P battery lasts for 5+ years between charges.

Working in minutes
With a simple self-installation, S3P is up and running in just minutes. S3P's low cost provides greater access to more informed management.

Low overhead
The device is affordable and has a low monthly subscription fee.

Works anywhere on the farm
With no wires, no complex installation, and a low-powered long-life battery S3P reports measurements from anywhere on the farm. Interpret your own data instantly from analysis and reports.

Automated reporting and analysis
Data is automatically reported and stored in the cloud database.

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While the S3P is designed for farmers to provide instant and accurate information on their soil moisture and temperature, there may be other applications for the technology. Contact us to discuss your needs and our team will be able to provide you with the technology that suits.

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