Easily retrofit to your current water metering system with the SenSys wireless MeterReader.

Add a MeterReader to each of your water meters no matter where they are and with our dashboard view hundreds of data points. The ideal solution for property owners, facility managers or agricultural applications such as monitoring pipelines.

Automate water usage reporting and detect water leaks.


All the data in one place

To make managing water easier we've designed and developed a pulse count meter reader (1/100/1000 L/min) that enables managers to monitor water count data from their home or office. No longer be dependent on external companies to access your information.

Originally designed for use in situations needing hundreds of meters to be read, our easy to understand dashboard provides you with both statistical data as well as graphed insights. The dashboard can break down usage in as small as 15-minute intervals. It’s easy to segment data based on property, tenant, or water meter type (gate or sub, etc).


Retrofit your building or farm

Quick to install and can be set up within just a few minutes. No more having to visit the meter to read the count, and with our sensor’s extremely long-life battery, it will be years before you need to consider the first recharge.

MeterReader is delivered with a simple to install, plug and play LiNC-Station which connects your entire building to the cloud and no additional networking is required (coverage may vary according to terrain).

With our wireless system, our sensors communicate up to 15km in rural settings or easily from deep within a building.


Intuitive-user experience
The MeterReader dashboard is extremely user-friendly, it's beautifully designed and easy to navigate.

Flow meter readings
It counts meter pulses per unit time, records, and reports flow and water volume usage.

Wireless long range technology
Innovative long-range wireless technology automates reporting and stores data permanently.

Easily manage data
Access your information through the MeterReader dashboard.
View reports of specific properties, tenants, or water meters.

Notifications and alerts
Get notified events like leaks via push notification, SMS, or email.

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Save time and money while operating more efficiently.

MeterReader is designed for building owners and property managers who need accurate information and detailed reports on their water usage.

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