Automate water usage data collection, reporting, billing and detect water leaks.

Gone are the days of tediously visiting water flowmeters to obtain readings. MeterReader comprises measurement, long-range radio communications over many kms and information services to provide logging, reporting, alerts. Detailed 15-minutely data online shows where and when water is being used.

MeterReader is the ideal solution for

- Property owners who want to monitor a facility's usage,

- Facility managers who need revenue-grade usage information,

- Councils owning flowmeters and charging water usage (commercial or residential),

- Farmers monitoring water takes to meet compliance.

Save time and money and improve water use efficiency.

SenSys MeterReader connected to a flowmeter for BMS

Easily retrofitted

SenSys BenchMarker, Dashboard

All the data in one place

Features of the MeterReader

Flow meter readings
The MeterReader logs and reports from any type of flowmeter with signal output. The readings are available, automatically and in live-time, on an App or online dashboard. It won't miss a pulse!

Intuitive-user experience
Both the dashboard and the App is beautifully designed and easy to navigate. Generate reports for compliance with ease, or set and forget with automatic reporting.

Wireless long-range technology
Innovative long-range RF technology means MeterReaders work anywhere you need them to, with no wiring, no cellular, no Wi-Fi, no solar panels and no additional telemetry equipment.

Data management
View reports of specific properties, tenants, or water meters and generate billing information.

Notifications and alerts
Receive notifications of events like leaks or unusual usage via push notification, SMS, or email. You can set up any number of contacts for notifications and alerts.

Permanent storage
Stores data permanently, accessible with username and password.

Any number of staff may be given permission to access with username/password and receive alerts.

Read any flowmeter
Any flowmeter with a signal output may be connected to a MeterReader with a pickup.

Long-life batteries
Set and forget - the MeterReader will let you know when the batteries need a recharge (in 8+ years).

Quick and easy installation
No wiring, no fuss, connect it wherever it needs to be.

Updates and support
MeterReaders are updated 'over-the-air'. Designed, made and supported in New Zealand.

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