Ideal for monitoring any number of water tanks, anywhere.

SenSys IoT Solution WaterMon Tanks

One tank or many tanks

One size fits all

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WaterMon, Water Tank Monitoring

Works anywhere on the farm

Automated water tank analysis
Monitors and reports water level, water usage, and slow leaks. On-board intelligence works out your incoming flows vs your outgoing.

Time saving
Spend less time visiting to check your precious water resources. WaterMon lowers operational cost by detecting water loss problems ahead of them becoming bigger.

No wires, levers, or floats
Attach WaterMon to the desired water tank and start getting reports within minutes, right where you want them - in your pocket.

Long lasting battery
Each WaterMon has a long battery life lasting 5+ years between charges. WaterMon lets you know when to charge the battery.

Alert notifications
Receive alerts through SMS, push notifications, or email – signs of leakage, low water levels, and changes like more-than-usual usage.

If-this... then-that... functions
WaterMon can communicate with a SenSys switch controller to protect your pump or machinery. Set for yourself the parameters that will trigger the pump or machinery to switch off.

No Limits
Do you have many tanks that you need to monitor? No problem. With the mobile application simply scan the QR code on the WaterMon and set up a few details, you can group tanks together. Can also be used on wine vats.

Simple visual data with the mobile app
The WaterMon mobile application provides simple to understand visuals of any WaterMon enabled water tank. Access all of your data in easy to read reports from data securely stored for up to 7 years.