Every drop of water is precious and increasingly expensive. WaterMon is the perfect solution for keeping a careful 24/7 watch on your water resources.

WaterMon provides automated analysis of tank levels and will alert you of unusual usage rates or leak detection. It’s perfect for anyone who needs instant and accurate information on their stored water.

Ideal for monitoring one or hundreds of water tanks.


One tank or all tanks

The ability to view tank levels at a glance is great. The ability to view all the tanks throughout your farm is even better! If you’re a farmer or contractor, knowing the amount of water onsite when you need it is amazing.

There’s no need for the installation of wall monitors or other displays. No more going back to the farm office to view tank levels. All the tank information is available on your smartphone. View your data when and where you want it – all you need is an internet connection on your phone.

Your data is stored in the cloud, so even when you're without an internet connection your data is still collected and can be viewed later.


One size fits all

WaterMon works on any size tank. If you have used any traditional tank level monitoring systems, or if this is your first tank monitor, you'll be impressed. WaterMon has a number of unique and insightful features in the mobile application, including:

– The accurate level in liters and % full
– Customisable alerts for minimum and maximum tank levels
– Choose your alert system: push notification, email, or SMS/TXT
– Name your tanks so they are easy to identify
– Colour your tanks so that you know what they are: drinking water, stock water, etc
– View graphed data of flow in and flow out of your tank, showing you more than the current level


Keeping everyone in the know

Getting others started on the app is easy. Simply invite them through the mobile app, they will receive an email prompting them to download the app, register with their email, and log in. Once they are in, they can view shared tank data. Monitoring tank levels have never been easier!

Perfect for remote communities managing the local water supply.

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Works anywhere on the farm

With no wires, no complex installation, and a low-powered long-life battery, WaterMon reports measurements from almost anywhere. Simply attach to the desired water tank and start gathering reports in minutes.

Water tank level
Spend less time worrying about your precious water resources. WaterMon lowers operational cost by automating the analysis of tank levels, usage, and leak detection in water tanks.

No wires, levers, or floats
Attach WaterMon to the desired water tank and start getting reports within minutes.

Automated water tank analysis
Monitors and reports water pressure, water usage, and water level information.

Long lasting battery
Each WaterMon has a long battery life lasting 5+ years between charges.

Need to know or just interested?
The WaterMon mobile application allows you to select which tanks you want instant alerts from. Once set up the wireless device can then send alerts to you through SMS, push notifications, or email – like signs of leakage, low water levels, and unusual changes.

No Limits
Have hundreds of tanks that you need to monitor? No problem. With the mobile application simply scan the QR code on the WaterMon and set up a few details, then start connecting all your tanks together into one easy to use solution.

Simple visual data with the mobile app
The WaterMon mobile application provides simple to understand visuals of any WaterMon enabled water tank. Access all of your data in easy to read reports.

Need Assistance?

Our team can quickly get you set up to monitor your tanks no matter where they are. Our connectivity solution enables us to create access to devices in rural or urban environments. Contact us to discuss your needs and our team will be able to provide you with the technology that suits.

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