Technology & LoRaWAN™ Coverage

We're all about providing end-to-end solutions for customers.

We work with leading edge technology, the building blocks of the future. Our products, IoT solutions and coverage planning services utilise best of breed technologies across software, hardware, instruments and electronic components. We are known as leaders in LoRa® and LoRaWAN™ coverage and device connectivity.

The 3 keys to how sensing solutions can work for you

1. LoRa® and LoRaWAN™

SenSys is supported in New Zealand by LiNC who is rolling out LoRa® connectivity nationwide. LiNC-Stations are being deployed at the moment, already covering most major cities and several rural hot spots.

Are you connected?
All of the SenSys IoT solution suites come packaged with a LiNC-Station as part of the deployment kit. Each deployment will join the LoRaWAN™ Public Network, ensuring that your devices are joining a wider area network. This means that in the future the continuous connectivity will allow you great access to data no matter where your purchased devices go.

2. SenSys solutions

Whether it is from listening to the needs of different industry advisors or from identifying that one solution in one industry may be suitable in another, SenSys is in the business of designing sensors and systems.

Our diverse team includes software, hardware, and mechanical engineers, as well as testers, sales and marketing, manufacturing, and business people. Together we bring real and useful day-to-day decision-making tools to farmers, managers, caregivers, and asset-owners.

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3. SenSys devices (end-nodes)

We create all sorts of connected devices, from a small device that is tucked inside a jacket for contractor health and safety, to a device that is installed out of the way in buildings to wirelessly count pulses from water meters and deliver water usage information to facility managers dashboards.

LoRaWAN Compliance
All of our devices are certified compliant to be used on the LoRa® network. There are plenty of rogue devices, modules, modems and development kits that won't be compliant – we, however, have stringent design and development processes that ensure that we are.

SenSys LoRaWAN Coverage Nelson NZ

Leaders of LoRa® and LoRaWAN™ coverage

The SenSys range of LoRa®-enabled sensing devices are uniquely superior technology, the devices communicate over a new region-wide radio communication system called LoRa®.

LoRa® technology enables low-powered devices to communicate wirelessly over very long ranges to a regional LoRa® gateway.

We've been at the forefront of LoRa® and LoRaWAN™ since early in 2015 and one of the first LoRa Alliance™ global members.

SenSys devices securely communicate via the LoRa® network and the data collected from the devices are delivered in seconds.

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