Cold Chain Logistics

The SenSys Celsor™ delivers accurate reporting of ambient air and controlled environment temperature and humidity. With the Celsor™, "if this, then that" functions it can send notifications to you for anomalies or undesired states.

An ideal IoT solution for providing monitoring and alerts from within cool stores, fridges and freezers in food storage, mobile facilities, refrigerated transport, supermarkets, medical clinics, museums, greenhouses, science and research labs.

SenSys NZ remote-monitoring chilled cabinets

The SenSys Celsor™ provides more than temperature monitoring

Celsor™ solves temperature management problems often faced in produce storage, food processing, storage and refrigerated delivery.

The wireless Celsor units enable managers to monitor the temperature and humidity of any controlled environment. Our customers delight in the flexibility of where the Celsor™ can be located, gaining access to areas never before been possible. The Celsor™ unit can be fixed to a location, moved from location to location as used in environmental consulting purposes, or placed in vehicles that are on the go.

Quickly receive alerts if the temperature or humidity rises or falls too far, for too long. Any number of people can be on the roster for alerts to their phone.

SenSys NZ Celsor with flying lead

Cold Chain Logistics and BMS Monitoring Simplified

No wiring! Place the LoRa-enabled SenSys Celsor temperature and humidity units anywhere at all.

The Celsor comes in a range of options, our first customers asked for a base unit with a temperature probe, and then for options with 1 meter and 3 meter flying leads, and humidity sensing. One of the best IoT solutions available, the Celsor communicates over LoRaWAN from inside chillers, fridges, freezers, and refrigerated transport.

Simply hang Celsor on a hook or attach to surfaces with screws or ties. They last for about 10 years on a battery, warning you when they need recharging. If calibration is needed annually, the units may be swapped with newly calibrated units.

Customers who have installed Celsor™ in their cool stores, food preparation or office facilities see immediate benefits including:

No wiring, no fuss

Easy self-installation in moments, with the ability to place sensors anywhere, with no restrictions from any wiring. No cellular, no Wi-Fi needed for the Celsor devices. No third party required for any part of the service.

Prevents contamination between zones

With this IoT solution there is no need to physically visit or disturb the location where the monitoring is taking place to obtain temperature and humidity information.

Removes human error and saves time

Reliable and accurate temperature data that shows history and trends. No reliance on people to notice problems with this perfect 24/7 supervisor on the job. Goodbye clipboard!

Improved machinery care and maintenance

Graphs provide visibility into chiller performance and enable preventative maintenance. Machinery problems are discovered automatically when conditions do not fit normal machinery operation patterns.

Automated actions and control

If-This-Then-That functions to enable/disable machinery or controls upon specific conditions.

No specialist displays

The display is in your pocket, on your phone App. A management dashboard is available on a browser too. Insert your own site layout map to view temperatures/humidity where there are multiple measurement points.

Alerts when action needed

Immediate knowledge of a problem allows a fast response. Alerts are configurable, with two high-temperature levels and two low-temperature levels allowing consistent and accurate temperature maintenance. Set up your own alerts roster.

Easy data audits and compliance

Temperature measurements are permanently and securely available online, accessed with username/password. Quick access to proof of compliance throughout a selected period or during a delivery.

Add extra sensing points with ease

No specialists needed, simply add in a Celsor unit wherever you want a new sensing point. If you are expanding or need more measurement points, now is the time to upgrade to a modern wireless system.

Celsor™ simplifies temperature and humidity monitoring


– Two sets of configurable high and low temperature alerts per Celsor.

– Alerts sent to rostered users via Push notifications, Emails or SMS.

– History of data and alarms recorded for 7 years.

– Long range - 2km to 15km+, depending on terrain and environment.

– The base Celsor™ temperature range -10°C to 60°C.

– 1m and 3m flying lead models measure -40°C to +125°C.

– Water-resistant rating of IP67.

– Ideal for remote applications.

– Low power, so 5+ years between recharge, with advice when needed.

– Wireless penetration through multiple layers of coolstore walls.

– Available in Base or Flying Lead options.

– Flying lead suitable for point measurement.

– Low-cost annual subscription.

– Updates from SenSys delivered 'over-the-air'.

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