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World-grade, wireless, ultra-fast broadband for home and business.

Superior Speed. Superior Service. Superior Simplicity.


Now you can have fast and reliable internet services to your home or business. We are able to deliver fast, wireless internet into many areas that are struggling with poor delivery. Contact us to learn more.


All of our Internet service plans have unlimited data. Data refers the amount of information downloaded from and uploaded to the internet. With unlimited data you don't have to worry about running out of allowance each month or having to purchase more. (Fair and reasonable usage expected)


Why put up with Internet services that limp along when you can have the superb speed of VeriFast? There are speed plans to choose from 35Mbps to 100Mbps download and higher if required. Our speeds are reliably consistent. To find out your current speed go to www.speedtest.net


We deliver internet over the air, and long-range, so we can get to all kinds of difficult places. If you thought your property was doomed to wait years for an upgrade, get in touch! Anything is possible.


VeriFast uses state-of-the-art equipment and we monitor it around the clock to ensure excellent performance.


Access to the Internet is a critical part of our own IoT solutions that we supply to businesses throughout New Zealand. Our expertise is in network engineering we understand how to deliver it reliably. Having endured impossibly poor speed ourselves for years we also understand the pain of slow Internet - so our experts did something about it! Now you can benefit from that.

What customers say about our VeriFast Internet services

How the VeriFast Internet service works

We deliver a wireless signal across the Waimea Plains, beyond Brightwater, Redwood Valley, Teapot Valley, Mahana and Ruby Bay, Kina, and across Nelson CBD through to the Maitai Valley.

We are primarily focused on supporting businesses and home businesses.

To connect to VeriFast a Radio Antenna, a little smaller than a sky dish, is installed on your roof, or some suitable location where it has line-of-sight to one of our internet transmission points.

An Ethernet cable is run from the roof Radio Antenna to the Modem/Router in your office/home. Usually we supply a new Router that is compatible with the Radio Antenna.

You can plug computing devices directly into the Router, such as laptops, computers, SmartTVs, switches, and Wi-Fi units which provide wireless internet to SmartPhones and tablets and laptops.

You can also run VoIP (phones that work over the internet). If you have an existing landline number you can transfer it to VoIP - please ask us how.

Join the VeriFast way of connecting to the internet!

VeriFast Internet service pricing plans are based on speed (all with unlimited data)

As a guide, most of our customers choose the plan with 50 download as a minimum. 'Mbps' is a measure of the speed the internet is able to download and upload.

We don't lock you into long-term plans. (We are quietly confident you will never want to leave!)

Please note the following prices are our standard prices. Some areas may differ. Please enquire.

VeriFast 1

35 Mbps


VeriFast 2

50 Mbps


VeriFast 3

80 Mbps


VeriFast 4

100 Mbps


VeriFast Internet Service Equipment

What is needed to get you going with VeriFast today?

The essential kit to purchase is an 'Air Fibre' Radio Antenna that is mounted on your roof. It needs line-of-sight to one of our towers. We can check out if your site is suitable and advise.

Connection fees apply.

Optional extras we provide:

1. Router

2. Wi-Fi

3. Wireless bridges to relay the internet from building to building on your site e.g. for secondary homes, B&B, outbuildings

4. Local Area Network (LAN) and computing assistance

5. Cell coverage: if cellular coverage exists but is not great, or is patchy, we can boost the signal effectively so your home has great coverage.

All the equipment is provided configured and ready to use. You don't have to do anything.


We have trained installers to make the switch to VeriFast easy. Installation cost is additional to the equipment cost. It's based on time and materials, so depends on what you have ordered and the ease of access to your home/office.

Equipment pricing: Please enquire.

Ultra-fast broadband delivered to your home or business with unlimited data plans.

Contact us about getting VeriFast Internet services at your place